Dj Anto Hill

Anto Hill founded the Vinyl Sound Systems in July 2010. Since then he has organized gigs almost every month and kept the Old Skool Scene ticking over more then any other promotor. People often ask how he manages to stay awake & keep partying as much as he does.

Anto has a simple answer to that and in his opinion there’s a simple ans to that, ♫♫\Music/.♫.♫ is his one and only drug. Anto has been dj now for nearly 20 years. He has played with over 300 dj’s throughout these years. There are to many to mention but some of the Djs he has played with are the best in the business!

The highlight for Anto was in July 2010 when “Vinyl Sound System’s” Started. Like most promotors it was rocky to start with. But the last year has been super and seeing the Vinyl Sound Systems gather a great group of regular follower’s that the gig’s would be nothing without.

Anto never thought he could take VSS this far but where other promotors had giving up Anto knew he had something that people wanted and his perseverance has paid off and the VSS have gone from strength to strength and got better and better.

On behalf of VSS Anto would like to say Thanks’ for all the support, Here’s to many more year’s, What can i say,,, (There’s no School) Like the “OLDSKOOL”,,